This club/organization shall be known as the Hub City Bass Masters and shall be a not for profit club solely dedicated to pursuing the enjoyment of bass fishing, conservation efforts of our  fisheries and the education of our youth in the importance and values of these efforts and promoting a competitive spirit and camaraderie among its members. All members will be required to pay the annual club dues of $40.  Junior (Minor) anglers (anyone under the legal age of 18) will be allowed membership under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. Junior members will not be allowed to vote on club related issues and will not be authorized to operate a boat under power of the combustion outboard motor or fish from any boat on their own.

  Members delinquent in dues beyond the first month of the calendar year will not be able to participate in club tournaments until their dues have been paid.  New members wanting to join the club after the first quarter (Jan-Mar) during the current year will be prorated based on the remaining quarters left in that calendar year from date of interest

This is a B.A.S.S affiliated club. Anyone desiring to join the B.A.S.S Nation will be required to be active members of B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society).  Annual Federation dues will be determined by the Federation).  Dues will be payable the first month of the calendar year.  The club will be governed by a President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director, Programs Director and Assistant Programs Director.  Placement of these positions will be by an open majority vote of the club membership.  First round nominations for these governing positions will be conducted at the November meeting. Second round nominations, discussion and final voting will be conducted at the December meeting and installation of the officers will occur at the January meeting. Elected officers of the club will serve from January thru December of the year. Multiple terms are authorized.  Responsibilities and duties of the elected officers will be as follows:



PRESIDENT– Presides over the monthly meetings and promotes camaraderie and sportsmanship to the members of the club and community.  Serve as the club point of contact for activities and promotes new membership.  Acts as the tie breaker for selected tournament sites/dates and has final decision on grievances or appeals of club members. The President will not have the authority to over-ride a majority vote of the club membership.

VICE PRESIDENT/SECRETARY – Assumes the duties of the President in their absence. Assist in promoting camaraderie and sportsmanship within the club and assist the other governing officers in their duties as may be required.  Records monthly meetings and tracks all changes through monthly meeting minutes.  Minutes will be sent to club officers for approval then forwarded to the webmaster for the club membership’s general use and tracking.

TREASURER – Be responsible for all funds absorbed or dispersed for the club.  Maintains accurate accounting of funds and reports financial status of the club as requested.  Responsible for the pay out of awards at tournament events or other club sponsored events as required.  Maintain an accurate listing of club members and their membership and dues status. Procure end of year awards and trophies.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR - Shall organize and preside over the conduct of all club tournaments.  Prepare and conduct non partial boat and launch drawings at the monthly meetings. Keep abreast of launch conditions, weather conditions and hazards of the scheduled tournament location and advise the governing officers and club members of such.  Manage the weigh scales at monthly tournaments and ensure that each member’s weight is properly recorded. Maintain accurate records of current and annual point standings of members. Maintain the club weigh in scales and bump table and ensure that they are available and in good working order at each tournament site.  The Tournament Director shall also obtain limit and size waivers for the club when available for the body of water in which the club is fishing.

ASSISTANT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR– Act as the tournament director in their absence.  Assist the tournament director in the conduct of their duties.  Monitor launch and recovery activities at tournament sites and conduct or assign members to conduct live well and safety checks.  Provide assistance at weigh-ins to the tournament director by monitoring the bump table or providing courtesy measurements to members who may ask.  Work in concert with the tournament director in monitoring site locations for weather, launch conditions or hazards at tournament sites.

PROGRAMS DIRECTOR - The Program Director shall preside over the planning and coordination of the clubs special functions and programs such as the annual Spanish Trail Fishing Derby, raffles, special interest benefit tournaments that may be suggested, casting kid’s events etc.  Attend meetings and advise the membership and governing body of fund raising ideas and opportunities within our local community to promote the ideas and good will of our club towards honorable and beneficial community service.

ASSISTANT PROGRAMS DIRECTOR – Act as the Program Director in their absence.  Work in concert with the program director in the planning, coordination and presentation of information on all club special events and programs.  Seek voluntary help from club members in carrying out those activities that require club member assistance.


 A. There will be one Club point tournament per month in a tournament Year.  A Tournament year will run from January through December.  Additional tournaments can be scheduled, but monthly tournament points will not be awarded for additional tournaments.  Club tournaments will be one day tournaments unless voted on and approved by club members.  The club point standings will be utilized to select those members who wish to fish in annual “Special” tournaments such as the County Top Six Man Tournament and the Annual Florida Panhandle Tournament of Champions.   Teams will be selected for the County Six Man utilizing the point standings from the previous calendar year and the Tournament of Champions will be selected using the current calendar year standings.  The teams will be formulated starting with the top point leader and working down until the team is full and complete.  Junior anglers who are members of the club under eighteen years of age will not be allowed to participate in “Special” tournaments regardless of their point standings within the club unless voted on and approved by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting date prior to the tournament event . 

B.  Tournament sites and dates for January through June will be voted on during the November club meeting prior to the tournament year, with the understanding that dates may be changed as events or other tournament opportunities become known. Tournament dates and locations for July through December will be voted on during the April club meeting.  Any date changes must be voted on and approved at the club meeting prior to the tournament.  In the event of a tie on proposed locations the President’s vote will act as the tie breaker.

 C.  If a tournament site is determined non-fishable (non-fishable is defined as unfavorable water conditions, weather, or extenuating circumstances), an alternate site will be selected in order of precedence as follows:

1.       A majority vote of the club members at the club meeting prior to the tournament (if possible).

2.       By Club officers if a regular club meeting will not be held before the scheduled tournament and members can be notified of the change prior to departing for the tournament site.

D.  Guests may fish Club tournaments with a current club member only.  A visiting guest may only participate in the optional Big Fish award for no more than two tournaments in a tournament year. 


A.  A tournament participation fee of $25 per tournament shall be collected by the Tournament Director, Treasurer, or designated representative prior to the start of each tournament.  Participation fees can be paid by check or cash.  Awards will be paid by check from Club funds.  The tournament fee will be used to provide awards in the following percentages.

(1-19 Anglers)                     (20-24 Anglers)                   (25 and above Anglers)

First Place---------50%         First Place-------50%            First Place--------35%

Second Place------25%        Second Place---20%            Second Place----20%

Third Place--------15%         Third Place -----15%            Third Place------15%

Club Funds--------10%        Fourth Place----10%            Fourth Place-----12%

                                                Club Funds-------5%            Fifth Place-------10%

                                                                                                Club Funds------8%

NOTE: If less than three members weigh-in fish, the tournament awards will be paid out in full for each tournament as follows: One place only = 90%, Club Funds=10%. Two places:  1st=60%, 2nd=30%, Club funds, 10%. If no fish are caught, all tournament fees will be returned to the members.

B.  There is an optional $5 big-fish pot, winner take all.


A. The launch order for all club point tournaments will begin at the monthly meeting prior to the tournament date.  Starting positions for those member(s) in attendance at the monthly meeting and who have paid their entry fee, shall be drawn first.  All other members wishing to participate in the tournament will be given their launch order position as they register and pay their entry fee at the launch ramp the morning of the tournament. Entry and registration will close one half hour prior to safe daylight to allow the tournament director to prepare his boat and tackle for the tournament day.  Non-boaters without a boater partner will be paired with a single boater by a draw conducted by the tournament director. All boaters without a partner will have their starting position number placed in a hat and drawn until all non-boating members are paired.  Non boating members are encouraged to try and find a partner prior to tournament date if they intend to fish.


B.  Non-boaters must fish with a boater at least 80% of the tournaments in which they participate. Non-boaters are responsible for having their own tackle and PFD unless prior details have been worked out with their boating partner.  Non boating participants or guests are responsible for paying the boater their share of tournament expenses for gas, oil, launch fee, etc.  For most one day Tournaments, $40.00 should suffice, however, the final amount will be left up to the boater and non-boater.  Boaters should not have to ask for compensation nor should they be asked to be paid at later date.  Boaters have the right to decline payment if they so choose.  Non boaters should make every effort to assist the boater in normal fishing day tasks such as launching, wiping down the boat, helping with tie downs, removing any accumulated trash or old line, covering for towing, light checks etc. as may be needed.


C.  The boater decides all areas to fish and has control of the boat at all times unless they should choose to let the non-boater take control.


D.  Members wishing to bring a guest to a monthly club tournament should declare so at the meeting.  Guests are encouraged to attend and coordination is required to ensure that all non-boating club members have been paired with boaters.  The club should never leave a non-boating member un-paired.  Club wide e-mail notifications and individual coordination with the tournament director not later than 72 hours prior to the event are permitted if the guest’s intention to fish was not known as of the meeting.


A.  All boats must be properly registered, contain all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment, be in safe operating condition, and operated in a safe manner at all times.

B.  All boats must contain an aerated live well capable of sustaining a two-man limit of fish and must have a means of separating or identifying individual catches for weigh-in, either through a divided/separated live well or tags. 

C.  Boats will have bow and stern running lights on at the time of launch through their arrival at their first fishing spot. 

D.  All boat occupants must wear life vests when the combustion engine is running above idle speed unless State Law requires it to be worn any time the engine is in operation.  

E.  If a tournament participant elects to leave early, they MUST contact in person or by phone any club member present at the earliest possible time.  This requirement prevents unnecessary rescue/search efforts being started.  This club will do everything in its power to ensure no one is stranded, broken and adrift, or injured and in need of assistance.  The departing members catch may not be presented by another member in their absence but their participation points will still be awarded.


A.  A minimum of two (2) boats and four (4) fishermen are required to officially start a tournament.

B.  The Tournament Director may suggest a change in the start and/or stop time, delay the take-off time or call off the tournament due to hazardous weather conditions. Should the Tournament Director recommend a change in launching or fishing locations for the day due to any of the above mentioned reasons, Club members present at the tournament site will vote to approve or disapprove any suggested changes.

C.  The Tournament Director/Assistant Tournament Director or a designated club member will ensure a safety & live-well check is accomplished prior to or during launching as practical. The Tournament Director will also call for a watch-sync and announce the official weigh-in time.

D.  The boater with the last launch number will be the starting official and initiate launch after the Tournament Director determines safe launch conditions have been met.  Staggered starts will be utilized in each tournament to ensure the safety of each contestant.

E.  Participants may begin fishing any time after the starting official has called their number and the participant has moved at least 50 yards from the starting checkpoint.

F.  Fishing is not permitted within 50 yards of another contestant’s boat if it is anchored with the trolling motor up.

       G.  Fishing is not permitted in waters prohibited by state, county, or federal regulations.

H.  All fishing must be conducted from the boat.

I.  Only casting, spinning, spin-cast, or fly rod tackle may be used. Only one rod may be used at a time.  No trolling or live bait is allowed.

J.  Good stewardship and care of one’s fish from catch to final release is essential.  During hot months cooling the live well water with ice or other approved oxygen producing chemicals available on the market should be considered.

K. There will be no “OFF LIMITS” periods before monthly club tournaments unless voted upon by the members present at a scheduled meeting a minimum of two (2) months prior to a requested or suggested “OFF LIMITS” period.

L.  All members are encouraged to pre-load at a minimum, the President, Tournament Director and Assistant Tournament director’s cell phone numbers into their cell phones prior to tournament launch to aid in brake down notification, boat recovery operations and early withdrawals of fishing members.  The use of cell phones or other radio type devices will not be authorized to assist or better an angler’s position or fishing outcome during the tournament day.

M.  Anglers fishing in a club tournament may signal another boater indicating “In Distress” by waving their landing net over their heads, a sign or other visible means to receive assistance.  Club members seeing such distress signals from another boat “WILL” stop and lend assistance as they can. Failure to do so may result in Disqualification from the tournament.


The Tournament Director will be given front of the line recovery privileges at the end of the fishing day in order to reduce the delay in setting up the weigh station and bump board.

A.  A two (2) ounce per minute penalty will be imposed for anglers arriving after official weigh-in time. After fifteen minutes, no points will be awarded. The Officers may make the decision to re-qualify any late angler for unforeseen difficulties such as boat failure or assisting another angler whose boat has failed.

B.  Dead fish penalties will be imposed as follows:

     1 dead fish – 4 oz.   (0.25 lb)

     2 dead fish – 10 oz. (0.63 lb)

     3 dead fish – 18 oz. (1.13 lb)

     4 dead fish – 28 oz. (1.75 lb)

     5 dead fish – 40 oz. (2.5 lb)

C.  Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted (Kentucky) bass will be weighed.  Unless specific state or lake restrictions/opportunities apply, a tournament limit for each angler will be five (5) fish, each of which must be a minimum of twelve (12) inches long from the tip of the tail (when squeezed together) to the mouth of the fish (which must be closed).  No dead fish may be culled from a live well at any time.  A golden rule will be used to measure the fish at the weigh-in.  Any under-sized bass presented for weigh-in will result in the loss of that fish and the angler’s largest fish.  Courtesy checks can be accomplished by any Club Officer, preferably the Assistant Tournament Director, but must be done prior to presenting the fish to Tournament Director or weigh-master for final weigh-in.

D.  All live fish must be released after weigh-in.   

E.  Determination of an injured fish (hook in mouth) to be alive or dead, will be made by the Tournament Director or one of the appointed weigh-masters.

F.  Fish will be weighed on club scales minus stringers and/or marking devices by the Tournament Director and weight-masters.  Tournament standings/awards will be determined by highest total weight.  In the event of a tie the angler with the largest fish will be awarded the position.  The other angler will be awarded the next lower position.  If only one fish per angler is caught points for the two places and award money (if any) will be added together and divided between the two anglers.


A.  The tournament director may penalize or disqualify any entrant for any violation of the tournament rules, fishing regulations, or un-sportsman like conduct. 

B.  Any grievances must be registered within fifteen (15) minutes of the weigh-in to the Tournament Director or any club official present.  A written protest must be submitted to the Executive Committee within five days.  Protests will be arbitrated by the Executive Committee members not involved in the protest after the written protest has been received and all involved parties have been interviewed.  The decision will be announced at the next monthly meeting.  Awards for positions affected by the protest will not be presented until the protest is arbitrated.  All decisions are final.

C. Non-boaters who refuse to pay their share of reasonable tournament expenses expended by the boater in the conduct of the tournament, or, show a pattern of late payment, may be suspended from further participation in Club tournaments.  Any non-boater who feels that they have been asked for unreasonable payment can and should petition in writing within 5 days of the completion of the tournament for a hearing and judgment by the club officers.



All anglers who participate in a tournament will receive an automatic 5 points for participation if they weigh in no fish.  These points are to be awarded for all participants present at the tournament launch.  Anglers who weigh in fish during a tournament will be awarded place points as described below:

First Place-------------------------- 200 Points

Second Place----------------------- 195 Points 

Third Place------------------------- 190 Points 

And so on with a consistent reduction of 5 points per place accounting for all anglers that weigh a fish.


Annual point standing will be based on the results of all club tournaments an angler fished in a tournament year up to 10 tournaments.  All Anglers will drop their (2) worst finishes of the year in determining the Annual Angler of the Year award. This will allow anglers who may have had to miss a tournament for unseen circumstances or simply have a bad tournament to remain competitive for the title.  Every effort will be made to conduct an annual awards Banquet the month following the year’s end to properly recognize and reward those anglers who won in the following categories.



Angler of the Year -----------------------------------------       $250.00 and Plaque/Trophy

Runner-up Angler of the Year----------------------------     $150.00 and Plaque/Trophy

Sportsman of the Year-------------------------------------      $100.00 and Plaque/Trophy

Tournament Lunker of the Year (5 lb. and over)-------                $50.00 and Plaque/Trophy

Non-boater of the Year------------------------------------      $50.00 and Plaque/Trophy

Heavy Stringer of the Year-------------------------------      $25.00 and Plaque/Trophy

3rd Place Overall -------------------------------------------  $80.00

4th Place Overall -------------------------------------------  $70.00

5th Place Overall -------------------------------------------  $60.00

6th Pace Overall --------------------------------------------  $50.00


Angler of the Quarter--------------------------------------       $25.00 entry fee for 1

                                                                                                Upcoming Club tournament

(Not automatically in big fish pot)



Bylaw changes will be proposed during the October club meeting, reviewed and discussed during the November club meeting, and voted on during the December club meeting. Changes will take effect 1 January of the following year, and will remain in effect throughout the entire calendar year.